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About Good Green Work

Good Green Work provides support to organizations and communities to identify quality green careers that require more workers. Good Green Work also identifies green careers that are not yet good jobs and works to uplift job quality in order to ensure that all of the workers that are essential to making the transformation to a green economy have quality pay, benefits, worker voice, and go to work each day in an inclusive and safe workplace culture. Good Green Work then collaborates with communities, organizations, and workers to develop pathways into these in-demand, quality green jobs which simultaneously address both the climate crisis and economic inequity.

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About Emily Courtney

Good Green Work is led by Emily Courtney who is dedicated to building a just and sustainable economy through green job skills training & workforce education. Emily has over 20 years of experience at the intersection of environmental, jobs skills, and entrepreneurship education. In the past decade serving as the Senior Director of Green Career Education & Workforce Development at the non-profit Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI), Emily led fundraising, partnership development, program design, project implementation, and people management with an education and workforce development team that grew from 3 people to more than 20 and programs that grew to serve over 65,000 K-12 students, 30-50 colleges and universities, and over 200 post-graduate Fellows annually. These K-Career hands-on sustainability experiences engage, inspire, and empower participants to develop a high-impact, high-quality climate career.

Prior to working at SEI, Emily Courtney lived in South Africa and provided entrepreneurship coaching and support to Black-owned businesses. Prior to that she served as the Director of Green Technology Education at Laney College and led the Oakland Green Jobs Corps, one of the earliest leading workforce development programs in the nation providing green building, energy efficiency, and renewable energy career education, with a focus on serving individuals with barriers to employment. Emily began her career teaching environmental education, wilderness medicine, leadership, entrepreneurship, and job skills in the Bay Area, Washington State, New York City, and Vietnam. She holds an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise.

Good Green Work builds on this experience to use a data-driven approach to identify the in-demand careers that are essential for addressing the climate crisis, and then to develop the partnerships and programs needed to create a highly skilled climate workforce with equitable access to these quality climate careers.

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Katie Rogers

Katie supports Good Green Work with over 10 years of communications experience. Before leading environmental communications for nonprofits nationally and locally, she produced marketing campaigns for major brands at agencies in California, New York, and Washington. She holds a master’s degree in sustainability from University of Colorado, Boulder, and bachelor’s degrees in communications and anthropology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. 

Katie's expertise is researching, analyzing, simplifying, and communicating complex environmental concepts to a wide variety of audiences through writing and visual design.

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